Taking a step towards the V word

It’s been happening slowly slowly – so slowly in fact, that I barely noticed it. At first it was simply a case of availability and ease. I’m really just lazy and this happened to be the easiest thing to do. But then, slowly, I realised that I didn’t miss anything and really, it made a lot of sense to make it official.

I’m cutting out red meat.

I’m not going completely vegetarian – still going to eat fish and probably chicken (although at the moment, after all the chicken breasts I ate last year, I’m slightly ill at the thought of cooking chicken) but definitely no red meat – no steak, no burgers, no lamb. Nada.

And really, I don’t think I’m going to even notice really. Why?

  1. I am, as mentioned above, inherently lazy. Cooking meat takes more effort than fish or chicken from my experience. It’s also usually more expensive and not always available in the cuts I like at the store, so I end up sticking with other options.
  2. It’s usually more expensive at restaurants too and, since we’re all on the money-saving kick, I end up bypassing the meat options. Unless it’s a burger but really, I could always choose the chicken burger instead.

But it’s a step. And I’m making it official. I could say that this is a step in being more religious and keeping the laws of kashrut; I could say that I’m appalled by the treatment of animals and am making a stand. But really, I’m just making my laziness official.


3 thoughts on “Taking a step towards the V word

  1. whether its laziness or a love for animals, I, and all the animals out there, thank you πŸ™‚ As a vegan myself, I have learned that there is a meatless substitute for EVERYTHING i once enjoyed before making this transformation, so if you ever want some advice on what products to try (and stay away from!!) let me know πŸ™‚


  2. also – if you dont mind my asking, how did you change the settings so that comments appear on your blog page, and not just in a seperate link under comments? I have been trying to figure that one out !!!

  3. Brilliant! Thanks for that – I may actually take you up on that offer. I think sometimes it’s intimidating to “lose” all the foods you enjoy by making a huge change. I think eventually I’ll end up going the whole way into vegetarianism because I don’t think it’s that tough, but we’ll see.

    With the comments thing, I think when you click directly on a post, it shows the comments as well as the post. If you just read the post on the blog, it only shows the link maybe? I don’t know! I haven’t changed anything but I’ll investigate and see if any of my settings may give me a clue.

    Thanks for commenting!

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