Does weight matter?

Okay bear with me. I’ve been percolating on this topic for a while. In fact, since reading Leslie’s post on Never Say Diet about a plus-size weight-loss editor.  When it comes to health and fitness, does and should the size of the person giving advice matter?

On the one hand, we’re after knowledge, aren’t we? We want someone who has all the information at the tip of their fingers; someone who can tell us why X diet is good and why eating or doing Y is really really bad. We want someone who is up on all the current health and fitness trends.

We also want someone we can relate to in some ways. I don’t want a size 0 chickie giving me weight loss advice if they’ve never ever struggled. I don’t want someone telling me that they know how hard it is to exercise with severe asthma if they’ve never been sick a day in their lives.

But I want to get advice from someone who has walked and walk and still talks the talk – someone who has run the race and crossed the finish line – not someone who tried and tried but never got there. I don’t want an unfit personal trainer telling me how to get fit – would you really want to work out with an obese personal trainer, who may have all the training in the world but doesn’t practice what they preach?

So I’m a little torn on whether it matters if a weight-loss editor is overweight – on the plus side, she knows the struggle and gets it but on the minus side, she’s never managed to beat the bulge. I know that I sound seriously judgemental here, which is why I’m struggling with this.

Am I being overly judgemental? Am I the only one who thinks that someone giving you health and fitness advice should themselves be healthy and fit? Do I need a slap on the side of the head?


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