I’m oh so tired today. Could possibly be because I woke up at 5:30am, got to work at 7:15 and worked a frigging long day until 4:30, then went to the gym for 1.5 hours. Maybe that’s why I’m so tired?

And guess what? I’m probably going to do it all again tomorrow. This workload is challenging and awesome but massive. I’m delegating majorly but still having to do a lot of it myself.

I’m refusing to let it get in the way of my health. I’m eating good food (just lots of it – working long hours makes me hungry) and still working out because you know, I kinda need a sanity check and sweating buckets on the bike or lifting weights is my sanity check.

Oh, and I seem to have ‘tennis elbow’ – any ideas on how to make it all better?


4 thoughts on “Exhaustion

  1. LOL – maybe I should take up tennis!

    On the other hand (the one that’s not sore), I’m thinking that resting it may help. But really, who has time for that?!

  2. Sleep is a major player when it comes to how you feel the next day. Exercise is a stressor and sleep is what you need to recharge your batteries. Get enough sleep and you should have enough energy. 🙂

    • My only problem is that I have a huge workload at the moment, hence the crazy hours, but I still need to work out for my own sanity. Exercise is a huge de-stress for me (even though it IS indeed a stressor). It’s all about balance. Which is why I’ll probably end up leaving work today at 4:30, going home and napping!

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