Really, it’s Sunday. I should be relaxing and enjoying the last day of my weekend but instead, I’m checking email and getting annoyed and irritated by stupid people. There are so many stupid people out there – it amazes me.

  1. To the guy who is constantly texting me after I clearly said “I’m NOT INTERESTED” – please go away. Yes, I’m working over the weekend. Yes, I have plans tomorrow night. And the next. And the next. They all involve work or the gym or sleep. Not you. Go away. Please stop making me feel like a bitch for not being interested – I really don’t want to have to yell over the phone and tell you to GO. AWAY.
  2. To the guy who is working on our animations – if you have a question, ASK IT. Don’t write me a long email and say you have some questions and then don’t ask them. I can’t answer questions you don’t ask. And then don’t email me and tell me I ignored your non-existent questions. Maybe you asked them IN YOUR HEAD. I don’t have access to that sorry!
  3. To the salesperson at Shopper’s last night – when I ask for Almay eyeliner, don’t point me to the mascara and tell me there’s plenty. Don’t follow me around the store after I’ve moved on and asking me if I still need your help. I actually don’t care if you’re bored. I’m *thisfar* from yelling.
  4. To my brother – don’t tell my parents you wish we would talk more often and then not reply to my email. I can only do so much.

I’d apologise for the rant but really, the fact that I have to work over the weekend and deal with this makes it very difficult for me to feel any sympathy. ๐Ÿ˜›

Wow, I feel SO much better. Thanks for listening. Now I think I might take a break and go watch crappy reality tv and eat delicious dark chocolate.


2 thoughts on “Irritations

    • Hee hee!
      Wouldn’t that be AWESOME? I was momentarily considering printing it out and hanging it on my office door so people would know I was annoyed but then I realised I’d have to take down the Mr Grumpy poster to make space. ๐Ÿ˜›

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