Letter to my gym-going friends

I know what you’re expecting. Some rant about the sweaty guy and the girls who talk and how *annoying* they are for the rest of us normal people. Well, guess again.

My letter is actually to us normal people. It’s about being a little more tolerant. Ouch.

We’ve all done it – the ranting post, the sighing at the guy who doesn’t clean up after himself or the girls who march on the treadmill at 2mph for an hour, barely breaking a sweat. We post about the oblivious guys who don’t seem aware of the fact that you want to use THAT machine too. We judge and we bitch and we moan that these people should realise that this is our space and our time and they should be better – like US.

Because we’re perfect, right?


So today, I was reading an archived blog entry elsewhere in the blogosphere (not linking because I don’t think she’ll appreciate critical linkage) and it struck me that I could fill many of the spots of her annoyances:

  1. I sometimes do pick the treadmill/bike/elliptical next to you because having someone next to me does motivate me to go faster – not because I’m judging THEM but because I don’t want them judging ME! “Oh look, she got onto the treadmill and hopped off after 5 minutes – LOL!”
  2. I go to the gym with friends as a catch-up – we get on the treadmill or whatnot and catch up on all the goss. It’s healthier than going out for coffee and it’s a great time. We try not to talk too loudly but if we’re really annoying you, you can always ask us to keep it down.
  3. I don’t dress up to work out – my t-shirts are old and grotty but not smelly or dirty. Some of us don’t really care enough about what we wear to work out. Obviously, no grey workout pants and no hammer pants.
  4. Ditto on the talking to a friend at the beginning of a workout class – if it’s bothering you so much, say something. Or death stare me. I’ll get the message.

Now I don’t do all these things all the time but I’m not perfect. I do get annoyed when people don’t clean up after themselves and I do get frustrated when the woman on the bike next to me insists on taking a call on her cell and yelling. But then again, I irritate other people too so we’re even.

Just remember that as much as you feel that the gym is your space and you deserve respect and whatnot, other people feel the same in other ways. Respect everyone there (even while you’re laughing inside at the woman wearing hammer pants) and try to lay off the judgement.

Oh, and if I’m annoying you, let me know. I may not do anything about it though πŸ˜›


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