A quick poll

So I have work volleyball tonight. I sucketh at volleyball. I’m tired, I’m cranky but it is good to be social.

So, the poll:


4 thoughts on “A quick poll

    • I ended up hitting the gym and feeling good about it. I suck majorly at v’ball and I didn’t need the negative self-talk that would have come from playing last night. I’m trying to listen to my body and soul again.

  1. cool – thanks for posting about this. I’m glad it inspired a dialogue. I certainly didn’t mean to come off as saying certain exercisers are better than other s- just that I’m used to the idea of kids playing outside for their exercise and not on treadmills. We can agree to disagree – that’s the beauty of the blog!!

    • It is the beauty of a blog and I realised that you didn’t mean to criticize – I think a few of the comments rubbed me up the wrong way and I needed to vent (hence my comment and post).

      I think that as the world changes, so many kids don’t have the opportunity to play outside so the gym is a good spot for them – it’s safe, it’s controlled and they can have fun. IMO, whatever gets everyone moving is good – be it inside or out!

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