Weekend update

Firstly, did you remember to change your clocks – we’re springing forward y’all!

I feel jet-lagged without the fun of a vacation.

An update is due though:

  • I bought a new scale because my old one only measured in half pounds and plus, I thought it was being a little too nice to me. I also wanted a scale with body fat % etc. I got my wish and sadly, I was right about my old scale being too nice – I’ve gained 3lbs on the new one. Bah. But it looks pretty so I’ll forgive it.
  • I went shopping yesterday and spent money I don’t really have (since payroll AGAIN mailed my paycheque to me instead of delivering it in-house last week. Boo) but I needed a boost and new colourful clothes. Plus an outfit for my cousin’s barmitzvah next week. Yes, I’m sure I had something I could have worn in my closet but family events are so few and far between it’s nice to dress up. Thoughts? (please ignore the hair – I haven’t styled it etc and plus it’s Sunday afternoon).
Possible outfit for family festivities

Possible outfit for family festivities

  • I also bought a bunch of other super cute work clothes and finally found some nice pants! Obviously, they need to be shortened (I’m not tall and they’re made for giants) but I can get that done during the week and I’m set.
  • I’m going to get myself to the gym later today and then will have completed everything I set out to do this week – 5 workouts in total. Yay me.
  • Depression-wise: I’m getting there. Pulling myself up slowly. Spent the day out with people all day yesterday – caught up with ex-roommate over brunch, went to bookclub, went shopping and out to dinner with another friend. I have to make myself be more social when I’m feeling like this, otherwise I’ll just sink further and that ‘aint gonna happen!
  • Hope you guys had a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

5 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. Glad to hear that your pulling yourself up. ๐Ÿ™‚ And kudos on finding some cute pants — I think slacks are the piece of clothing most difficult for me to find.

    The dress is adorable and you are fabulous in it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I find slacks to be the hardest thing to find too! I work in jeans and have a few pairs but I love to have some smarter pants to wear. I like shocking people at work and coming in all professional! LOL

    • I got a weight watchers scale – not the top of the range, but mid-range I think. I’ll check the model details when I get home. It measures body fat and hydration levels as well. It seems pretty good so far!

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