Sweating it out

This week has been another tough week in a long line of tough weeks. I’m constantly frustrated at the moment – which is an improvement from the constant depression of the last few weeks, but still not the best feeling in the world.

Frustrated for a number of reasons:

  • Paycheque from last week has still not arrived in my hands. I went to chase it up yesterday and felt like I was talking to a brick wall and a stupid brick wall at that. Apparently, my address is too long and it’s my fault that the last two numbers of my apartment have been cut off. I should live on a street with a shorter name. So the cheque, having been mailed for some unknown reason even though I work in the same frigging building, is lost on its way to me and it’s my fault and I should grin and bear it. Difficult to do when I have a trip planned to New York tomorrow for family and I have no frigging money.
  • Our design team at work has taken the sweet time with a design for my project (posted for them over a month ago) and we’ve suddenly got first pass of the design NOW which means I have to mark it up and repost it NOW, dropping everything to make sure I meet my deadline when they can’t be bothered to meet theirs.
  • General stupidity facing me 😛

It all came to a head last night when I realised that another day had passed sans paycheque. I changed into my workout clothes, put on the 30 Day Shred and whipped through Level 1.  Note to self: time to move to Level 2 when you still have frustrated energy after 20 minutes with Ms Michaels!

So, still annoyed. Had a chat with a work friend about it and got off the phone still annoyed. So I got dressed and hot-footed it to the gym. All the treadmills with TVs were taken (grrrrr) so I jumped onto an elliptical and pounded out 40 minutes while watching America’s Next Top Model.

And yes, I felt 100 times better after sweating off the frustration. Still broke, still busy, but less stressed. Yes, I did eat some cookies as well but the workouts were the stress release.

I woke up this morning feeling a lot more rested than I have felt for a while. While the stress and frustration is still there, my body can cope with it better.

And tonight I’m torching it at the gym again.


3 thoughts on “Sweating it out

  1. So sorry for all the frustration, but way to go on the workout!! I did the same thing last night – I was cranky and bitchy and frustrated, so I jumped on the elliptical and cranked up the resistance and worked out until I thought i was going to puke. I felt so much better after sweating out all that frustration!!

    I hope you get your check soon!

  2. I am so happy the check finally arrived! I hate it when I have a problem and HR acts like it is my fault for asking for what I want. They gave me crap when I wanted to have my money deposited into two accounts, then messed it up anyway.

    I love when exercise helps me get that anger out and just zone out! I bought the Shred DVD today and am excited to try it 🙂

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