Benefits of exercise

I spent this past weekend with extended family in New York for a family function. It was tons of fun but so exhausting. From Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, it was go, go go and talk, talk, talk. I’m not used to it! I live alone, so when I get home after work, it’s usually quiet time. Not with my family.

I did notice something interesting though. I was able to dance at the function on Saturday night for ages – not tired, not sweaty, not aware of anything but “hey, this song is cool”. My cousins? Not so much. They’re much bigger than I am – taller and heavier. They were sweating and tired and aware of the “lack of air flow” and the heat in the room. They were sitting at the tables for a lot more of the night.

The only thing I was aware of was the fact that my feet were hurting just a bit but I looked good so it was worth it 🙂

It’s something I never thought of but something that can definitely motivate us more than simply being healthy. It’s the little everyday things that are easier when you’re fitter and healthier. It’s the things you don’t think about when you can do them, but that you’re hyper-aware of when you can’t.

Since I started on this exercise and health kick, I’ve noticed that I can:

  • carry groceries home easier
  • buy more groceries per trip instead of rationing out because I couldn’t carry them
  • run for the bus
  • dance for longer
  • think about taking 8 day hikes in Peru without thinking “I can’t do that!”

What benefits have you noticed?


8 thoughts on “Benefits of exercise

    • So true – I could always take the stairs but I felt tired afterwards. Now, if the elevator isn’t around, I don’t hesitate – the stairs it is.

  1. I can get up off the floor easier, I can climb into my husband’s truck in a single leap, I can play basketball with my son without getting too winded, I can give multiple piggy back rides to my daughter, I can take the stairs two at a time. Gosh, I hadn’t thought about how much I can do in a while – great post!!

  2. I have a rule about clothing — if you tug something into place more than twice (for instance, a neckline or a hemline), then you need to go change clothes because what you have on is, on a very basic level, causing you to be self-conscious and distracted.

    This is the frame of mind I want to have about my body and my fitness — I don’t want to be thinking about it, wondering if I’ll be able to do something or if my jiggly stomach will disgust onlookers. I just want to be so comfortable in my own skin that I no longer think about becoming winded, I just get out there and dance. 🙂

  3. I can workout with friends who are skinnier than me without feeling like a blob because I can’t keep up. I can cycle 10 miles on a spin bike before breakfast. I can do level 3 of The Shred with Jillian! I can do push ups – I could barely do girlie push ups at the start of this year – now I can do travelling ones…now if only the scales would start to reflect all these changes lol!

  4. Where do you start on this one? So many benefits… Not feeling like I will pull a muscle when I have to reach for something, running the stairs up to work (after a Bodystep class), I do like that I can run and not feel so many bits of me moving independently in their own jiggly-dance, doing full push-ups (on toes) – that was a great day…more energy for life in general!

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