Things I’ve noticed about being sick

I haven’t been sick for a long time (not counting that food poisoning incident earlier this year) so I forgot a lot of the lovely things about being sick, namely:

  1. Food has either no taste or bad taste. My favourite frozen mango pieces? Taste awful. Chocolate? Tastes awful.
  2. I have no appetite – not sure if this is good or bad πŸ˜›
  3. My body aches all over – ribs hurt when I breathe, legs hurt when I walk. And I can’t even blame this on working out and feel good about it!
  4. Duvets are either way to heavy or way too light. There’s no getting perfectly toasty in bed.
  5. Sometimes sleeping on the bathroom floor is the best thing.
  6. Living alone when you’re sick really sucks. This is prime time for parents and mine are on the other side of the world 😦

Okay, enough sad sacking it for me. I probably should eat something since it’s been a while and drink more water. Maybe stop working and get some rest too.

Bah – and here I was all getting into the rhythm with running!


6 thoughts on “Things I’ve noticed about being sick

  1. Okay. I should have just read the next post. Because you do have it covered. Well, at least we both now know that what we have is “normal.” Gosh. This is freaking me out, how similar I feel to what you are describing. Right down to the duvet. And wishing my husband didn’t have to work on Sunday and Monday when I was at home in bed. I was laying down on the kitchen floor for awhile, waiting to not feel dizzy.

    Oh, I tried running tonight. BAD IDEA. Stay away. Body felt fine. Head and chest? BIG NO.

    Feeling better?

    • I’m feeling tons better today so I’m braving the world and heading to work. Cross fingers for me that I make it!

      And NOTED on the running – I was tempted for a moment to go the gym but I will heed your words and stay away.

      Hope you’re feeling better too πŸ™‚

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