A terrible, no good, horrible, very bad day

Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t great. And I’m annoyed and angry and seething. Isn’t seething such a good word? I almost feel like that’s what my annoyance and anger sounds like … seeeeeeetttttthhhh. Picture steam coming out of my ears.

My day:

5am – text from my brother in Melbourne who never remembers that he’s 14 hours ahead of me.

6:30 am – slipped getting into the shower, grabbed the shower curtain and knocked over my makeup. Also, am now the proud owner of a massive bruise the size of Africa. And possibly the same shape.

8:30am – printer jam at work and boss is swearing at said printer. Good moods are not present in the office.

9:00am – discover that a freelancer I hired submitted work done completely incorrectly and I don’t have time to send it back. So guess who’s redoing it?And that’s what I spent my day doing and avoiding and then doing some more.

4:00pm – discover that my police check paperwork that I sent through a month ago has been returned to me because they didn’t receive the payment. This is technically my father’s fault because I sent him all the paperwork to send in with a cheque (it needed to be Australian and my cheques are Canadian) and he sent the stuff in, minus the cheque. He remembered the next day and sent the cheque separately but the paperwork still got sent back to me. So I had to run to the FedEx office and send it all back to my dad (yay to spending $70 on that AGAIN) and plead with him to remember to send the chque WITH it this time. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he’s sabotaging my emigration plans. Just sets me back another month. Hence the seeething.

My dad feels bad about it and I’m trying to tell him that it’s not entirely his fault. Really, it is a bit but I don’t want him to feel terrible. But I’m seething. And annoyed. And upset.

And the Passover Seder I went to tonight? Could have been a normal meal for all the ‘ritual’ they followed. Made me miss my family more. We may not be completely and utterly observant but at least we care about the important stuff. This was pathetic.

And I’m sorry for the rant and vent and whining. I’m not normally like this but tonight I needed to get this all out without trying to make someone else feel okay or minimizing my own stuff because someone else is going through worse. I’ll get over it. I’ll work through it. But tonight I needed to yell and scream and stamp my feet.

Edited to add: And now I have a zit on my cheek to top it all off. What a day, huh?


4 thoughts on “A terrible, no good, horrible, very bad day

  1. Honey you just rant and rave and vent and stamp your feet all you want!! It’s your blog – sometimes you have to use your powers for evil!! 🙂

    I too, love the word SEETHING – perfectly describes me during PMS!

    Hope you have a better Thursday!!

  2. Ugh. That is a crappy day! If I have a morning like that – where I run into and knock over and drop everything – may day is SHOT.

    Hope yesterday was better!

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