Self-sabotage and a lack of appetite

One of the left-overs from being sick the other week is my weird appetite. Except in the morning, I don’t get hungry. But I know I need food so I eat. And because I’m not technically hungry, I’m not registering as full so I’m eating beyond what I need. And I’m eating crap. Like chips and popcorn in place of dinner because I have no craving for dinner.

It’s not good. Not good at all.

I’m forgetting what hunger or thirst feels like, what saiety feels like. And I’m gaining weight – just in time for summer!

It’s freaking me out. I feel out of step with my body and it’s weird. I’m not working out as much, I’m eating more than usual and my concentration is shot.

I need to get back on track. No, I need to find those tracks again first to get back on track. I’m so off track, I’m on another line altogether.

So, tasks this week:

  1. Journal my food to be aware.
  2. Plan my meals and stick to them.
  3. Workout!!!
  4. Drink more water, even if I don’t think I’m thirsty. Just do it.
  5. Realize that the 5 lbs I’ve gained will drop off once I get back on track and life will be back to normal.


Plus I almost fell getting in the shower this morning and almost missed my bus stop after falling asleep on the bus. What a frigging day.


2 thoughts on “Self-sabotage and a lack of appetite

  1. Yikes! I am sorry your appetite is still so messed up! I think your tasks will help you get back on track. I gained weight after my appetite came back too, but it just came off. It was weird, re-learning wanting to eat!

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