Sunshine on a rainy day

This is one of my favourite songs by Australian artist Christina Anu and everytime I hear it, it makes me happy.

My last few weeks have been up and down and I’ve been struggling a bit at times. But doesn’t everyone? It’s how you deal wtih the ups and downs that define you. It’s a case of realising that there are boths ups and downs – life is not all ups or all downs. Sometimes it seems that way though (esp. with the downs) but sometimes it helps to remember that life is never perfect and sometimes, that’s okay.

After all the snow last week, the sun came out (literally and figuratively) on Thursday. I decided to work from home after a disasterously annoying and frustrating day on Wednesday. I also decided not to be too hard on myself. I woke up and saw the sun.

My desk at home faces a window and I had the sun streaming in all day. I worked, I cleaned, I napped, I went to the gym, I worked some more. I barely spoke to anyone during the day. I capped the night off with a super fun Passover seder.

Friday was a holiday so I again stayed in. I cleaned, I put up some photos on the walls (only after 7 months of living there!) and I admired my handiwork.

I bought a bath mat so I could avoid the debacle of Wednesday morning and never slip while getting into the shower again (my bruise is healing nicely thanks).

I discovered a new recipe that I LOVE and will share tomorrow.

Lather, rinse, repeat for Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of doing some work on Sunday afternoon. But all in all, 4 days of me time. I loved it. The sun was out the whole time. I worked out once and relaxed the rest of the time.

Now, except for the insomnia I had last night (I’m zonked out today), life is good. Everything is doable.

I’m on a semi-detox from today. Two weeks no chips or chocolate. I need to get back on the wagon with my eating and stop using food as a crutch – stop justifying a snack as a reward for a nebulous something. The downward spiral feeling of the last few weeks has seen me falling back on rewarding myself with food and it’s not good because I’m worth more than that.

So the sun is out. There’s a vacation to Vancouver on the horizon (any tips anyone?) and I’m doin’ good.


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