You’d think I’d clue in by now

Every so often, I feel horribly bloated and lazy and am convinced I’ve gained a million pounds and therefore am a blob.

I stare at myself in the mirror and alternate between “nope, still looking good” and “omg, you are a heifer”

I crave salty food and stuff chocolate into my gob like it’s going out of fashion even though I’m not actually enjoying it.

And every time this happens, I get a shock until I realise that it’s happening EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

And you’d think I’d clue in by now!

It’s usually the PMT aspect – so I’m good to go once TOM starts but the week before … god help us all. And thus the light bulb is illuminated, the bell has *dinged* and the puzzle pieces have all fallen into place.

Last week was that week. That no-good day? Last week. The mini depression because of the weather? Last week. The lack of working out? Last week. The junk food inhalation? Also, (say it with me) last week.

So this week, Aunt Flo is in town but I’m back to feeling normal. No intense chocolate stuffing, no bloating, no depression.

Can someone slap me on the side of the head next month?


3 thoughts on “You’d think I’d clue in by now

  1. I need a slap too. I keep forgetting. Of course, it doesn’t help that it’s been TOM for me almost ALL of March and April. Seeing a doctor about THAT tomorrow. 😦

    • Seriously?! I’m glad you’re seeing a doctor because that doesn’t seem right.

      I’ve had a long TOM once before and it wiped me out – no energy at all. Good luck at the doc!

  2. Tell you what, I’ll slap you if you’ll slap me. My PMS is outta control, and I just clued in last month. I’m taking proactive measures this month, so we’ll see how it goes.

    That PMS is a b!tch!! 🙂

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