State of mind

My state of mind recently has been more on the “this is pointless” side of things than the “I’m loving this healthy lifestyle” side.

I’ve been working out 2-3 times a week but that’s a drop from my usual 4-5 times. I’m not enjoying my cardio workouts as much so I haven’t been pushing myself nearly as hard as I should. I’ve been mindlessly eating and lazy generally.

Everyone goes through this lack of motivation thing – whether you’ve got 50 pounds to lose or 5; whether you’re maintaining or not. This lifestyle takes effort and it’s not something you can start and finish. That’s a diet and we don’t do that. We’re all about making this a lifestyle and achieveble and all that jazz.

So what do you do when your motivation wanes?

This past week I’ve thought about how I feel at the moment vs. how I feel when I’m being healthy:

  • I have more energy when I’m exercising and eating right
  • I’m happier when I’m eating better.
  • I feel more in control.
  • I look better (there, I said it)

And, sadly, the last one is probably the most motivating at the moment (followed closely by the rest). But I’ve learnt from past experiences that allowing my motivation to be controlled by my appearance doesn’t actually keep me motivated AT ALL. That’s when my motivation wanes the quickest because you never seen results quickly. This is why all the articles in those stupid magazines that focus on appearance never work – very few people see external results immediately and so their motivation wanes.

So I need to focus on the first two points – energy and mood. They affect me in every facet of my life. Because of that, it’s something I can definitely quantify and qualify when it comes to ‘success’.

So my workouts for this coming week:

  • Training session tonight (1.5 hrs including warm up)
  • Possible workout tomorrow (maybe 1hr)
  • Hike on Saturday (it’s only about 5kms but pretty steep at times)
  • Rest on Sunday
  • Training Monday
  • Cardio Tuesday
  • Friend comes in for a visit Wednesday so rest
  • Training Thursday

On that note though, I need some music recommendations – my playlist is getting a little old and I’m going to update it. What gets your heart pumping? Hit me up in the comments for some tunes!


3 thoughts on “State of mind

  1. This looks like a reasonable, smart plan. I’m feeling that lack of motivation too… it has been exactly two weeks since I set foot in the gym and 8 days since a bike ride. *hangs head in shame*

    And guess what? My mood and energy are suffering for it!

  2. I think you are smart to focus on the first two points. I’m the same way, my mood is greatly influenced by whether or not I excercise as well as how I am eating.

    Whenever my motivation starts to wane, I tend to read through old blog entries to find times where I really was motivated to remind myself it is possible to make it through the day by both working out and not going insane on the food front. I also read through old food journals to find meals that might actually appease my appetite. I also TRY to look at the big picture. I have so incredibly far to go before I reach my goal weight. I try to remember that as soon as I start slacking off, is when I will regain the 30 lbs I’ve already lost, plus another 50…blech

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