It’s a small world after all (or Gemfit has no idea what to call this post)

The last week has been amazing.  I’m really not sure how to write about this without sounding insanely cheesy and soppy and ridiculous.

I’ve met someone amazing. Yes, it’s the guy who was coming to visit. It’s one of those things that seems crazy and insane and movie-like and it never happens in real life. But it has. We started chatting about 6 weeks ago or so (maybe a little longer) but we technically only met a week ago and yet this feels right.

BUT (and there is a big BUT):

He lives in New Zealand. I USED to live on that side of the world but now I’m an ocean and a continent away. And my father finds this hilarious.

Seriously, he started laughing when I told him. Because actually, Boy and I both grew up in South Africa and went to the same school (3 years apart though), both left the country at around the same time (me to Australia and him to the UK then New Zealand) and yet we’ve connected 13 years later in Toronto. And this takes the whole week from “too good to be true” to “making life a challenge”.

And I don’t want to jinx anything but this is beyond. Beyond everything. He was staying at a hotel for the first few nights (see, I’m not insane!) but quickly moved into mine and has been there since. He is super romantic (again, movie-like) and while I’m trying super hard not to believe that this is so good, it’s amazing. And I know this is the honeymoon period and that as soon as he leaves, things are going to be a challenge.

He was already thinking about moving over here before we met and he’s making it a bit more of a focus now. Yes, it’s only been a week. But if anyone knows anyone in Canada looking for an awesome training guy/motivational dude/ manager, drop me a line 😉

I know it’s fast and I know it’s crazy – you don’t have to tell me. At heart, I’m a committment-phobe (seriously, the last guy who tried to use the “L” word had me running a mile – there’s a story there though), so the intensity of emotions right now is a little freaky. The fact that we’re working out long-distance arrangements and trips and whatnot already is freaky. But like I said, this feels more right than anything ever has. Maybe I’ve just been dating the wrong guys but every other relationship (not that there’ve been many) have started with one feeling a ton more than the other – the balance being more 70-30 than 50-50. This is feeling more 50-50 than anything else. And it’s amazing.

And I know I’ve used the word “amazing” about 50 million times so far, I make no apologies.

One thing that does amaze me: despite eating out tons since he arrived, I’ve managed to lose 4 lbs. Puzzled, but not complaining!

So that’s where I’ve been. 🙂


4 thoughts on “It’s a small world after all (or Gemfit has no idea what to call this post)

  1. That is so awesome. I met my significant other in a similar way with a whirlwind romance. We then did the long distance thing between London and California for 2.5 years before he finally moved over here. It was tough but we survived it and have been together 6.5 years in total. So if you feel this strongly about him, do persevere. Good luck and keep us posted!

    • Thank you for commenting! I used to be so anti the whole idea of long distance but knowing that other people have survived it (in similar circumstances) gives me hope!

  2. I can’t say anything bad about whirlwind romances: 13 years ago, I met Shawn in March, got engaged in May, got married in July. I was also 25 at the time, and he was 28, so we were both ready when it came along and plus sometimes you just KNOW.

    The long distance thing is hard, but it can work out. Good luck!!

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