Yes, I know. It’s been a while

I’ve started this post a few times really. I mean, I have a lot to share – I went on vacation to Vancouver and Vancouver Island, I finished a major project at work, I ate like crap for 2 weeks, a took a ridiculous number of photos. Oh, and I fell in love.

So yeah, busy month or so.

But how to write about it without sounding so sickly sweet that you develop a cavity? I mean, I’ve already subjected a few friends to the soppiness that is the situation and they’re already backing off quickly when they see me.

In short, I’m living a Hollywood story at the moment and while I know life is not all Hollywood and romance, I’m a little in awe.

Except for the fact that he lives in New Zealand, although that fits in perfectly with the obstacle as always appears in Hollywood and romance novels.

So I’m not going to go on and on about him to save your poor brains from the soppiness. See, I’m so considerate.

So more posts to follow – I’m dealing with a friend’s breakup right now, my mother flying to South Africa, my insanely bad eating habits, my asthma, the fact that my ex is currently reading my blog (hi mike, can you maybe stop reading this?) and a few other issues, so I promise that the posts will be regular, the soppiness will be kept to a minimum and life will go on.

I may, however, mention the fact that I hate all couples walking around holding hands when my boy and his hand is on the other side of the world. That is all.


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