Murphy and his stupid laws

It’s a beautiful day today – high 20s (celcius for my US pals), bright sunshine, beautiful blue skies. Truly not a day to spend in an office. So I made the brilliant decision to work from home today. My thoughts: I can drag a chair onto the balcony, make a massive pot of tea, work quietly without email interruptions and throw some laundry in at the same time. Brilliant and productive – what’s not to love.

Enter Murphy.

Goddamn Murphy.

I got home last night at about midnight (yummy dinner with friends) and saw that there were some building-wide notices on the elevator noticeboard. I made a concious decision not to read them and now I wish I hadn’t made that choice.

Notice 1: The water will be shut off Thursday from 9-5.

Superb – there goes my sleep-in if I want to shower/eat/drink/be merry. And that also means no laundry.

Notice 2: Renovations across the road will be in full-force (they’ve been on and off for about a month) from 8am.

Brilliant – there goes sitting in quiet on the balcony. And having any windows open. And keeping sane.

Now I’m not actually upset that they’re finally renovating across the road – the view from my apartment has been awful since I moved in. Looking directly at a building with rusted balconies and crumbling concrete is not fun. But really, 8am? And really, do they need to keep their truck in reverse the whole day? I get it – you’re thinking about reversing, now turn off the beeping noise that is going to drive me to drink.

Oh wait, I have no water. No drinking for me.



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