Product junkie

With all the hair product I have hidden in my linen/medicine closet, you would think I was one of the vainest people and the kind of person who

  • never has roots showing (2 boxes of hair colour)
  • has perfectly straight hair (1 straightening iron, 4 straightening, flattening or frizz-free balms/creams; unused)
  • has perfectly curly hair (4 different types of curl product, not including the 2 I actually use in the bathroom)
  • washes her hair daily (2 different colour saving shampoos/conditioners; 1 curl enhancing conditioner; 1 anti-dandruff shampoo – not including the ones in the shower)
  • has perfectly styled hair (3 bottles of hair spray, 2 bottles of gel cream)

The sad thing is that I am none of these people. I am, instead, a product junkie who is hit with frugality. I spent the money and then it doesn’t work as well as I like, but there’s still a half-full bottle left. I’m not going to throw it out – god forbid! Instead, I keep it, I hoard it, thinking that one day, I’ll be in desperate need of X product, and voila, there it’ll be.

I’m also a “ooh, it’s on sale” shopper at times and hence the repeat bottles of stuff. I also have 2 unopened boxes of Q-Tips. Anyone need a brand new box of Q-Tips?

It’s a disease and now that I’m planning a major move, one that I need to curb. My plan of attack: Work through the stuff I’m using and try work through the stuff in the cupboard. If there’s no way I’m going to use it (ie, it really didn’t work for me) and it’s not something I’m prepared to box up and move with me, it’s going outta the door. I’ve gotta learn to be brutal and not think of the poor product and its feelings.

Anyone else suffer from this disease?


3 thoughts on “Product junkie

  1. I tend to be this way as well. I come by it naturally as my mother has a bottle of Elmer’s glue from 1978 that she will not throw away because “it’s still good glue”.

    I feel your pain, and oh yeah – I’ll take that extra box of Qtips!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh Dear,, me too. We are in big trouble πŸ™‚ I was just saying to Charlotte last night at the supermarket, as I eyed up some dark chocolate that was on sale, and I don’t even like dark chocolate,,, that I will buy almost anything with a red sticker on it,, even if the price is higher,, it’s he bright colours πŸ™‚

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