An eventful vacation

I may not have mentioned it but I’m in San Francisco at the moment on another short vacation, meeting up with Lee. It was my light at the end of the tunnel when we said goodbye in Vancouver last month. It’s been a weird 3.5 weeks – at times it felt like time would never pass but then again, talking everyday meant that it didn’t feel like there was insane distance. I heart Skype.

I landed in town on Friday night and by the time we got back to the hotel, it was about 11:30. Lee had a few birthday surprises planned for me and, since he’s not a patient person, he decided that he couldn’t wait until Tuesday to give them to me. So, in order:

1. He took a song from my iTunes “recently played” list and created a musci video to it, complete with lip-synching and boy band hilarity. Since I didn’t realize that someone would be paying attention to what I was listening to, I am not ashamed that I was listening to Jesse McCartney’s Beautiful Soul. Okay, only slightly ashamed.

2. Then he turned to the computer on the desk and told me that it was my birthday present – the boy bought me a laptop! Slightly selfish of him too – I’m a PC user and he’s definitely a Mac user, so he converted me to a MacBook user. I’m slowly learning my way around it and I may indeed become a fanboy. Only slightly. I promise.

But this was not the highlight. What, you say? There’s more? How is this possible? Wait for it…

3. I do think he tried to wait a bit but nerves/impatience got the better of him … he pulled out a box from his bag, got down on one knee and voila … proposed! Of course, I said yes, we’re engaged and OMG. I know it’s really quick but it really feels right. o what if we don’t actually live in the same country yet – we’re working on moving. And so what if it’s only been 6 weeks … it feels right.

Now, don’t worry, I’m not going to be running off to Vegas for a quickie wedding. My mother would officially kill me. After his mother probably. But i thought I’d share the news with you guys.



8 thoughts on “An eventful vacation

  1. Yea for you!!!! I’m excited for you! My now-husband and I got engaged just 8 weeks after we met and we are still together 12 (13?) years later. Sometimes you just know…
    Congrats!! πŸ™‚

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