Taking a leap of faith

Life is about leaps of faith. I’m not talking about religion although that can play a part in a lot of people’s leaps. There is never a guarantee when it comes to making life choices and decisions. Nobody is standing there with a written guarantee and a warranty promising you definite happiness if you take X path. There is no light bulb moment in my experience.

Instead, it’s a candle moment. The flame starts up, the idea takes hold and then you have to trust that it will light the way. (Wow, corny, sorry). But it’s the best metaphor I can think of at this early hour.

My life over the past three years has been all about leaps of faith. Three years ago, my father got 2 tickets to the Tony Robbins seminar in Sydney and he gave them to my brother and me. It was technically mainly for my brother at the time since he was going through strain at work and my father felt he needed a push. I was just the lucky recipient of my father not wanting to favour either child. Little did he know what he was setting in motion.

That weekend (after walking over hot coals – try it, it’s liberating!) I lit the candle with the idea of moving overseas within the year. I did it. I had no idea if it would work or not; if I’d end up being here for 6 months or 6 years or 60 years, but I did it. And it’s been amazing.

Three months ago, I took another leap of fair and I starting chatting with my man-to-be. I went into the exchange thinking that it could, at best, be fun to show someone around my town, but I ended up with a fiance and a new direction in life. I closed my eyes and took a leap and here I am.

And now I’m thinking about another leap of faith. I’m thinking considering pondering the idea of re-igniting my writing passion and photography passion and trying to, you know, maybe get published somehow somewhere. I’m thinking pondering the idea of jumping into the whole “I’m a writer” market.

It’s a little scary, this considering pondering thinking I’m doing. I know that my skills are rusty, having been behind the desk managing other writers and projects for five years. I put my passions on the back burner for a different passion, a passion which grew from an accidental job and while I still really generally on good days like my job, I want to re-ignite the old passions before they rust away completely.

So I’m closing my eyes once again and leaping. I’ll probably set up a new blog relating to it but I’ll link to it so any interested people can join the journey. What’s your leap of faith?


3 thoughts on “Taking a leap of faith

  1. My biggest leap of faith was when I met The Husband. Long story, but it was the greatest reward.

    Remember take the leaps of faith, there will always be a net to catch you.

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