Work emails – the bane of my existence

When it comes to work-related emails (and sometimes personal emails too), I have a love-hate relationship with my screen. There are some things that I expect to be self-evident when it comes to emails and general work correspondence.  I know I’m not the only one who notices badly placed apostrophes and whatnot, but I can forgive those because people sometimes honestly are confused. They weren’t taught the difference or English is not their first language and I’ll be the first to admit that it can be confusing if you don’t understand the rules.

But a few of my pet peeves in work related emails:

  1. Using multiple exclamation points and question marks – an example from an email I got this morning “Any luck finding in-house talent??” What’s the point of the multiple question marks people? Does it make the question more important? Are you shouting it to me? No, you’re just annoying me
  2. Using all-caps and underlining – STOP SHOUTING AT ME. I’m not deaf and nor am I stupid. You, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about.
  3. Being overly familiar. There’s a point in correspondence where the tone naturally changes from the formal we’ve-never-met-and-this-is-all-business to we’re-emailing-five-times-a-day but you need to read the tone and respond to it. When I open an email with “I hope this email finds you well”, I don’t need to hear about your boozy weekend thankyouverymuch. At the same time, don’t respond to a breezy informal email with something overly formal – the relationship immediately gets a little weird then.
  4. But you do need to respond to emails! If I ask you a question, I expect a response. Not in three days time; today. Sending an email with time sensitive questions that seems to go into the void bugs the living daylights out of me. If you’re waiting on other people to let you know, tell me. Don’t leave me hanging because then my boss asks me and I look like an idiot. If you tell me that email is your preferred method of correspondence, then use it to correspond.

Okay, so there are my top 4 – anything you’d like to add?


9 thoughts on “Work emails – the bane of my existence

  1. My big thing is people not responding.

    And I have an old coworker that emails me all the time and her emails do not make sense. But that is just her.

    • I’m with you there – you know, I don’t expect a long detailed reply to every email but just something!

      And emails that make no sense? Drive.Me.Bonkers

  2. I’m with you on all of these. My other pet peeve is the signature/contact infomation line. If we’re having an on-going email conversation, I don’t want to see your signature on all the emails. The first one, ok, beyond that, I don’t need your name, address, phone numbers etc.

    • 100% agreed! I don’t understand people who make their reply signature the same as their new message one. Oh wait, I do. It’s called laziness.

  3. I tell you some funny things,

    While you are talking about e-mail utility, my colleagues are still preferred SMS to communicate with each other. So, instead of cheap, fast & reliable service, they still use the old-skool method.

    U know what? that really cause me a headache to tell them to check their email everyday for any important messages related to my project… But still none of them are read the e-mail. In fact, they are having 24 hours unlimited internet connection.

    I think you just need to reminds them in some elegant way to use that email facilities. You can use it in your signature maybe, to tell them -somehow- write in efficient with netiquette..

    tell me what do u think.. 🙂

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