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Too many choices

My parents are in town visiting at the moment. Three weeks of one-on-one time. Bliss. Well, not entirely.

Living alone means I’m not used to company all the time. True, I’m going to have to get used to it pretty quickly once the Boy and I move in together (or rather, move to the same frigging country), but at the moment, my space is generally mine. While my folks aren’t staying with me (they’re staying at a hotel around the corner), they’re spending everyday at my place. Every dinner. And today and tomorrow being holidays here (Canada Day and then a floating holiday at work), I have 2 full days with them. I’m enjoying it generally but there are some small things that are beginning to grate.

I’m not used to people disagreeing on my dinner choices. Usually, I pick a recipe and make it. Sometimes I try something new, sometimes it’s an old staple but I don’t usually give a choice. My parents only eat kosher meat, so I’ve been limited lately to fish and vegetarian meals, which is fun at first, but a challenge after a while when my staples are chicken based. So yesterday, they went off and found a kosher butcher and came home with tons of meat.

Great, but my dinner plans tonight were to make Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms. My mother, bless her, decided to give my dad the choice of steak or mushrooms. He obviously wants steak. Then she suggests he have both, which doesn’t work because the mushrooms have cheese. So I’m supposed to make one mushroom without cheese, which changes the entire recipe. Then he says he only wants steak. So I have to make two separate meals. At this stage, I got a tad grumpy and said no, I’m not making two separate meals. We’ll have steak tomorrow night and mushrooms and salad tonight. Suck it up.

I feel like a bit of a bitch at the moment but I’m a little peeved. This is my home and while they’re doing a lot of the grocery shopping while I’m at work, I’m cooking for them and I’m not prepared to make different meals for everyone. Seriously, how do those of you with kids and fussy eaters do it? Notice to the Boy: one meal a night – I’m not giving you a million choices.

This could also be a symptom of needing some space on my part. I’m really not used to conversing and being ‘on’ all the time. So damnit, they’re going to enjoy the Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms (with rice, veggies and cheese) or else!



Writer, editor, wife, mother. I snatch moments to myself to read between nappy changes, work and chasing a toddler who is determined to destroy ALL THE THINGS. Welcome.

9 thoughts on “Too many choices

  1. As a mom of picky children and an even pickier husband, we the same meals A LOT. Once in a while I’ll sneak in something different, but yeah this whole picky-eating thing really bugs me. It’s a pain.

    Good for you for sticking to your guns on the mushroom thing!

    1. It’s tough – I know that my brother is super picky (he gets grossed out by veins in meat and he’s 32!) so my Mom always used to cook a separate meal for him and I’m only now beginning to appreciate the effort she went to.

      FYI, everyone LOVED the mushrooms and my next goal is to introduce it to the Boy so I can make it one of my regular 10 minute meals.

      Glad you’re back posting – missed you!

  2. I would be frustrated too. Although, as a vegan, I don’t have much room to talk. I don’t expect people to coordinate around me, I eat what they have or provide for myself. I guess that is what your parents were trying to do, but it still interfered!

    1. I think it’s a little different when there are legitimate food ‘issues’ to deal with (not that being vegan is a bad issue!) – I would never force someone who couldn’t eat something to eat a meal regardless, nor would I be upset. It’s up to me to find out if there are dietary requirements. If you were to come over for dinner, I would make sure there were vegan options for you.

      My parents are just used to choice and not realising that choices mean more effort on the part of the cook, esp when it’s not my mother cooking!

  3. I’m with you, friend! Growing up, my mom was a *mom* not a short-order cook. We what she made and picky-ness was not an option. Now, if there was a food or two that would literally make us gag, she was compassionate enough to work around that. But none of this, “fish sticks, mac & cheese, and chicken nuggets are ALL my kids will eat” crap!

    I think it’s tough to know where to draw the line with parents, especially when they are visiting! Take some deep breaths, fight the battles that are worth fighting, and let the rest of it go. Think about how you want to remember this time with them, and decide accordingly.

    Have fun!

    1. I think I figured out the issue really – my mother gives everyone every option possible which means that people actually take the options. Throughout my childhood, it was common for me to eat left-overs, my brother to request meatballs and my parents to eat something else. And even now, she gives options.

      Me, I’m sticking to one meal as long as possible. I realise that once the kiddies enter my life, things will change but for now, no options!

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