The funny thing about routines

I’m a fan of sleeping late. I love the moment when I DON’T turn my alarm on and I blissfully wake up when my body is ready. I love stretching out in bed and feeling lazy.

My body can no longer do that. Why you ask?

Because it’s gotten used to the idea that we’re awake at 6am/6:15am, we shower and then we log onto iChat and talk to the Boy for about 45 minutes while we get ready for work. It’s so used to this idea that even on weekends and holidays, I’m awake. And, no offence to the Boy, it kinda sucks. Especially when he’s out and I’m the only one online!

Yesterday was Canada Day so we had the day off and today is a floating holiday at work so the office is closed, although I may check email in a bit and get a little bit of work done before my parents come over for breakfast. The Boy was out having dinner and a few drinks in NZ so I technically could have slept in a bit. Did I? Oh no, my body woke itself up at the lovely time of 6:15am, prompting me to get out of bed as usual.

Damn routines!


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