Undoing a life

It’s funny, this whole undoing my life here business. When I moved over here almost two years ago, I had a ton of support helping me move and I had the benefit my my parents’ garage to store anything I wasn’t prepared to take with me. I still brought over a suitcase, a big backpack and four boxes of clothes and linens. The last time I was back there at the beginning of the year, I brought back a bunch of extra things too. The other thing that made things easier was that once my lease ended at my apartment, I just shifted to my old room at my parents’ house.

This time it’s just me. Once I give notice at my apartment, that’s it. I have to be out by the end of September, no lee-way. I have to pack up my life here without any help – I mean, I have friends but no family. Friends are good but I look around my apartment and I feel a little panicked, a little bewildered at where the heck to start. I have all my furniture to get rid of, all my clothes to sort through and pack up, all my books to read and sort through and pack. I have to decide which items I can pack up/sell now and which have to wait until closer to my departure. I have work to hand over. I have work to line up. I have a life to undo and I feel a little untethered.

The other thing is that it’s 3 months to go. Sounds like a lot of time but at the same time it sounds like it’s around the corner. I feel like I’m a little bit in limbo, if that makes sense. I’m trying not to wish time away because there’s a lot I want to see and do in the next 3 months – go to Montreal, Quebec City among others – but at the same time, I want to be there already. I want to start the next stage of my life NOW. I’m impatient that way. And I can’t start it yet. I’m destined to spend 3 months in an iChat relationship and then packing up my life here alone. And that seriously sucks.

So I need a plan. I need a spreadsheet breaking everything down. I need to DO something to put myself back in control.


3 thoughts on “Undoing a life

  1. Good luck! A few suggestions for you:

    1. Buy some boxes now and set a daily goal for yourself. If you start now and pack 2 boxes/night, you’ll make lots of headway and avoid much of that last-minute, “Oh-my-gosh-I’m-moving-in-4-days” panic.

    2. Purge, purge, purge! I use a one-year rule; if I haven’t looked at it, thought of it, or used it in one year, it goes. Be brutal. Rarely do we have moments of deep regret for getting rid of stuff! Exceptions: photos, things w/ senimental value, etc. Create a keepsake box for these items you must keep but don’t display or use regularly.

    3. Ask friends for help! Have a packing party, provide snacks and drinks for all who show, and give everyone tape guns and markers to label their boxes with their contents. This works best for parts of the house you don’t need to sort much and know you’re keeping – i.e., clothing, kitchen stuff (if you’re taking it w/ u around the world!), etc.

    I look forward to reading your future adventures!

    Best wishes,


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