The countdown begins

Last night I clicked through a few links on a website, entered my credit card number and set the course for the next stage of my life.

I’m officially flying to Australia on September 30. It’s done. My Canadian sojourn ends on September 30, 2009, two weeks short of two years since I landed here. If I could have really considered staying away from Lee for an extra two weeks, I may have tried to stay and fly out on the exact date I arrived. But really, those two weeks would have been tough. I’m already counting down from now until I fly out (82 days FYI) so yeah, my patience would not extend to two more weeks.

So now I have my end-date. This is really happening. I mean, I knew it was happening after the whole will-you-marry-me-yes-I-will thing in San Francisco but now I’m definitely leaving. I have a one-way, non-refundable ticket back (which, thanks to the beauty of frequent flyer points, cost me a total of $185 thankyouverymuch).

It’s beginning to really set in and I’m excited. I have 2 possible freelance positions lined up already – one with the company I’m working for here and one with my previous company. I’m working out logistics and getting excited about the control I’ll have. I know that there will be challenges – I’m inherently a social being so the lack of office mates will be tough but I know there are other avenues to being social.

I know the next year and a bit will be insane – working freelance for 2 places, planning a wedding, attending my brother’s wedding, getting settled in a new country, getting used to living in a small apartment with Lee and not killing each other, making new friends etc. But I’m excited.

And also hoping the insanity won’t drive me to embrace chocolate and fries 🙂


One thought on “The countdown begins

  1. Enjoy every minute of being engaged and planning a wedding. I tried really hard to not focus so much on the planning and focus on my soon to be husband and celebrating in it all. I think so many times we get wrapped up in the planning that we forget to celebrate. Have a great time!!!!

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