Lazy Saturdays

I woke up this morning to a real old-fashioned thunderstorm and I loved it. Lying in bed on a lazy Saturday morning, listening to the weather ouside be all “no, stay in bed today, relaaaaax” is one of my favourite ways to spend a weekend. I made an executive decision to stay inside today – I bailed on my bookclub meeting and my phone is on silent. I resolve to spend all day at home, in my sweats, pottering around and just being quiet.

After almost 3 weeks of being social with my parents, I’m looking forward to just being. I know it sounds insanely hermit like and now that the sun is peeking out from the clouds, slightly silly, but I’m enjoying it. My laundry is in the dryer downstairs, I’ve been going through all my magazines, transcribing recipes and throwing out junk. I’m reading bits and pieces and considering an afternoon nap too.

Doesn’t that sound lovely?

In other news, I really should get to the doctor. I have a little something on my leg, which I’ve had for years and years but something has been making me a little uncomfortable about it lately. Not sure if it’s changing or if it’s just my paranoia, but last night I had a dream that I woke up and it had taken over my entire leg. Probably a sign that I’m concerned. Time for a doctor’s appointment next week me thinks!

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lazy Saturdays

  1. I *love* days like this, and they are few and far between in my life. So, how was it? I don’t think it’s hermit-like at all to take a day like this now and then to just BE.

    • It was AWESOME. I think I get so focused on doing things that I forget how lovely a quiet weekend day can be. I used to love spreading out the Saturday papers on the floor and reading it all day. I think I need to re-institute that tradition for sure.

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