The guardian angel on my shoulder

Otherwise known as the blogging world in a lot of ways.

I’ve been obsessed with The Thing on my leg for a while now. It’s something I’ve had for years but I re-noticed it a few weeks ago and became convinced that it was growing before my eyes.  I started having nightmares about it and so, with some gentle prodding, I went to get it seen to this morning.

I don’t have a family doctor so I went to the walk-in clinic before it opened (I was 15 minutes early and still only #3 in line) and sat there, convincing myself it was alternatively nothing at all or a MAJOR DRAMA and DEATH. I can be a drama queen like that.

I got into see the doctor, who took one look at it and told me it was absolutely nothing at all but since I was here, I could make an appointment with the dermatologist on site and get a full body check and maybe just get this little thing shaved off.

I went out to make the appointment, fully prepared for a few weeks’ wait (you know how specialists are) but lo and behold, she had JUST had a cancellation and would I like to see her immediately?

I had the first full body mole check I’ve ever had and it was a revelation. The Thing on my Leg? Absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. BUT there’s another mole on my leg that I would never have noticed or even thought about that is (in the words of the esteemed dermatologist) “weird” and “worrying” and “needs to either be watched very very carefully or removed soon”.

This is something I would never have known about had I not been so drama-rama about the nothing on my leg.

I have an appointment for the end of August to get it removed, since I’d rather get it removed than worry about it and watch it obsessively. But today made me think that there was something pushing me to go get this seen to. Be it my own suspicions or a guardian angel, whatever it was, thank god for it.


4 thoughts on “The guardian angel on my shoulder

  1. So glad you went and got looked at. I think when we start dreaming about things like this, it’s for a reason! Your body was telling you to get checked because there was something to be concerned about – it just wasn’t That Thing on your Leg, as you suspected.

    Be well!

    • Tell me about it! Things like this never happen. Specialists take forever to get an appointment and honestly, if I’d had to wait months, I probably would have ignored it because the other thing was nothing so I didn’t think I had to worry about anything. Thank g-d for small miracles and cancellations!

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