Complete randomness

I started this post a few times and then realised that you know what, I have nothing profound or interesting enough going through my head to make up an entire post. Instead, this is some of the randomness available to me:

  1. Never drink a full bottle of water when you’re on a conference call that you’re moderating and you can’t dash out to go to the bathroom. My bladder hated me this morning through my 90 minute call.
  2. I’m trying to slowly work my way through the randomness that is my pantry – I seem to have a habit of buying cans of beans and pasta sauce and then forgetting they’re there. Anyone else have this problem? I’m working on not going grocery shopping for at least a week, just to force myself to work through the pantry. Maybe some real menu planning would help!
  3. Somehow I got attacked by mosquitos the other night and my back is COVERED in bites. I’m super super itchy but determined not to scratch because I know from experience that once I start, I ‘aint stopping. The only thing I find that really helps is icing the bites but I don’t have an ice-pack at work.
  4. I’m slowly selling a few things on craigslist – my toaster oven is gone, my printer is going tomorrow and I’ve sold my dining table and chairs to a friend who is kindly letting me continue using it until I leave. Slowly slowly. Next step is to get some boxes from work and start boxing up and shipping my books and some clothes.
  5. Layoffs suck. We’ve just had a huge round of them in the office and our division is reeling. My team emerged relatively unscathed except for our GM, but some other teams are in tatters. I feel for the people who’ve been let go and also for the team members left behind. There’s a bit of “why them and not me?” going around.
  6. On a slightly gross topic, I think one of my toenails might be infected – it’s gone a bit yellow on one side. Any suggestions other than go to a doctor, since I only noticed it this morning and I can’t go to the doctor again this week. I’m planning on hitting up the drugstore on the way home but eeewwwww. I didn’t see it before because I had polish over it.
  7. I feel like being a hermit but I know it’s not ideal so I’m forcing myself to leave the apartment tonight and go out to a friend’s for a potluck. I know it will be fun but I’m in a little bit of a funk so I’m decidedly anti-social right now.

That’s about it for the moment. More randomness to follow I’m sure. How’s everyone else’s week going?


2 thoughts on “Complete randomness

  1. I stumbled upon your blog by chance, but… just wanted to leave a comment / suggestion. Re #6– What color nail polish did you have on before? Dark polish can definitely discolor nails and make them turn yellowish (unevenly, too, not just all over). If you still think its a fungus, try some Vicks Vapor Rub first– it’s cheap, relatively side-effect free (except for the stink!), and often works!

    • I was wearing a dark pink polish but it’s never left one side of the nail discoloured like this. But I’ll definitely try the Vicks tonight and see – thanks for the suggestion!

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