Sometimes a horse is a zebra

I woke up this morning feeling like a zombie and while I was whining to Lee on iChat, I made the decision to reschedule my one meeting and work from home instead of going into the office. I knew that the way I was feeling meant that I would be highly unproductive in the office and I could do that from home.

What did I end up doing? Sleeping. All morning. I fell asleep on the couch and then dragged myself back to bed for a bit. I woke up at 11:30am. Did I feel any better? A little but really really groggy.

I was convinced that despite feeling fine breathing, my asthma was acting up and I was disappointed because I didn’t want to keep upping my medication. I felt groggy and fuzzy and had a weird sort of headache that I put down to not getting oxygen. I was so convinced about this that I didn’t think of it being anything else.

Until about 1pm when I sat up and thought “hang on, where is this headache?” and I realised that it was a sinus headache. I promptly took 2 sinus tablets and within an hour I felt better. That’s when I realised that I’ve been falling to the same trap so many of my doctors fall into – the idea that my asthma is the cause of most of my ailments. They see it on my chart and voila, it’s asthma. It’s the reason that my walking pneumonia didn’t get properly diagnosed for 18 months. It frustrates me to no end and here I was, doing the exact same thing. Not looking to anything else because obviously when I’m exhausted and groggy, it must be my asthma.

I managed to be a bit more productive after taking the tablets and I think I need to go out and get more later. I did nap briefly in the afternoon but I don’t feel nearly as groggy as I did this morning. I’m a bit slow when it comes to my health sometimes and I know that 80% of the time my tiredness will be due to asthma but I don’t want to start falling into the trap of not looking further.

They say that sometimes a horse is just a horse – that we should look to the most obvious answer first instead of looking to the exotic – but sometimes, just sometimes, a horse IS a zebra and I shouldn’t be blind to the possibility.

In other news, I’m slowly working my way through my pantry, having only bought bread in the last week. I had toast and soup from the pantry for lunch and I might have the same for dinner, or maybe a tuna sandwich. I have some tofu I’m determined to use this weekend – anyone have good recipes for tofu?


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