Reduce dosage if nervousness occurs

I am getting increasing anxious these days.

I am suffering from annoying sinus pain and taking Extra Strength sinus medication.

I didn’t see a connection between the two until I read the warning on the bottle this morning.

Reduce dosage if nervousness or sleeplessness occurs.

Interesting. Do I choose a lack of sinus pain or calm? Do I embrace my antsyness and slight anxiety for a painless existence?

Imagine how productive I could be with all this nervous energy – all the cleaning I could do and the running and the cooking and the packing. Imagine how much I could get done. I could pack all my books and clothes, drag my donation bag to the donation bins and do it while running to lose weight. I could cook my way through everything in my pantry while talking to my folks on Skype and paying my bills. I could clean every wall and window.

On second thought, I think I’ll reduce my dosage and go see a doctor.


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