Things people tell you and you never believe

About moving

  1. You have more stuff than you think. No, really, you do. No, stop shaking your head. I don’t care how many times a year you’ve gone through your closet and cleared it out, or how often you clean, or how you pride yourself on being a minimalist. You have more stuff than you think and you will find it all when you pack.
  2. It’s tough on your mental health when you do it alone. I know I’m not alone alone – I have plenty of support but it’s not physical being HERE support and it’s tough when you’re making lists of what needs to be done and you’re adding and adding but not crossing off as quickly. The lists grow and your emotional health shrinks.
  3. Nobody else feels nearly as much of a sense of urgency as you do. Quotes take forever to get done (well, 2 days, which seems like forever), people don’t respond, or they say “oh, you have plenty of time” at which point you can feel the steam coming out of your ears and they start to back away.
  4. Everyone will have an opinion on how to pack, how to sell your stuff, how to ship your stuff, everything. No matter how different their situation is or was, they will know how to do it better. Today, I ran into a colleague who saw I was measuring a box to get shipping rates and proceeded to tell me that I needed to know someone in the military because they can ship things for me. Really helpful that.

Anything to add?


3 thoughts on “Things people tell you and you never believe

  1. obvious, I am sure you would have thought of it yourself if you weren’t so stressed,,,,, START A WAR! That way, more people are in the military and that increases your chance of knowing someone in the military 🙂

    • I could easily start a war against this particular colleague, who is really, for lack of a better word, an idiot. But somehow I don’t think people would join the military fast enough for my moving purposes, so alas, Canada Post it is instead!

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