Time to inspire

Right-o. I’ve had enough of the mopey me, focusing on the negative aspects of my body. It’s time for reminder post:

Last week, my supposedly flabby arms helped me bench press 50lbs. True, we (and my chest) only managed 10 reps instead of 12, but holy shivers, I’m impressed. That’s the most I’ve ever pressed.

Last week my stocky little legs helped me leg press 130lbs. Which is a bit more than I weigh. I pressed me on that machine. AWESOME.

I spent the day with my cousins on Sunday and we walked 10km over 4 hours in the middle of the day heat and my stocky little legs carried me FINE. My lungs worked perfectly and, despite a little dehydration, I emerged unscathed.

I’m pretty tired and I’m finding myself exhausted come 8:30 at night but I know that once I push through it, I’m fine. It’s a little bit of the depression coming through, I know. And I also know that I’m not a hostage to it.

This week will be a GREAT week. Even if I have to force it to be.


5 thoughts on “Time to inspire

    • I FEEL strong today. I’m trying to capture this feeling so the next time I start on “oh, look at the flabby arms” I remember this. Flabby arms don’t bench press 50lbs.

  1. Hi! Thanks for finding my blog and commenting. Curious though.. what is WATRD?? For the life of me I cannot figure that out… LOL.

    Email me at dee.sicklesteel@gmail.com with what kind of money you are looking at selling your laptop for. Even if it’s too much for me (I have a line on a free one), I can let the universe know.

    What part of Canada are you in?

    • Thanks! I’m still not entirely sure how I did it but now my trainer is all about “hey, you can do it, let’s do more” which makes me a tad worried!

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