In the land of the living

My distraction, otherwise known as the Boy, has left the building and is now battling jet-lag in a faraway land called New Zealand. And is apparently wondering why I haven’t updated my blog. I told him it was ALL.HIS.FAULT since he was here and I was having too much fun to blog but apparently, that didn’t fly. 😛

So here I sit, gazing at my computer screen, glancing at the big bunch of flowers he sent me which are sitting to my left and which smell gorgeous (seriously, how is one supposed to WORK with the scent of flowers everywhere?) and I’m realising that HOLY SHIT I have 5 weeks until I fly outta here and I have so much stuff to do.

And how am I feeling right now? Low. Minor stress. A little teary. It just kinda hit me. He left on Sunday and I’ve been busy since then and I have plans for the rest of the week but all I feel like doing right now is crying. And it’s ridiculous because I know that I have so much stuff to do in the next 5 weeks that they will fly by. Before I know it I’ll be there so why am I all teary?

And as write that, the feeling passes and I’m fine. I think this is a little of the stress hitting me.

I’m eating crap and feeling like crap and I know what to do but I’m not doing it. Do I really expect things to change when I’m not doing what’s required? As my father loves to say, knowing doesn’t get results, doing gets results.

So, I KNOW what I have to do and now it’s time to do it properly. I have my list, I know what food fuels me, I know I have to drink enough water and get enough sleep. The next 5 weeks: here I come!


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