Random stupidity

Sometimes I wonder about people. I mean, REALLY wonder. I wonder if some people are simply born without a filter and really don’t realise that they are stupid. I know that there are conditions like Aspergers etc where people are socially awkward but what about other people who don’t have a reason like that?

Case in point: I sent out engagement party invitations over the weekend. My parents are organising the party and have been calling up family and friends personally. I’m not going to be making a million long-distance phone calls to invite people on my side (and neither is The Boy) so I sent the invitations via Evite. It’s a great little site and, as the organiser, you can see when people access the invitation and how they reply. My only boo-boo with it was that I pressed send before I was ready (I hadn’t run it past The Boy yet) but I apologised and updated it slightly and away we go.

When it came to invites, I realised that I was inviting two-thirds of a family (family friends) and I didn’t want to exclude one person from the whole family so I invited him along, even though we’re not hugely close. We are, however, friends on facebook and family friends. So while I wasn’t expecting him to necessary attend, I wasn’t expecting the response I got.

The response which basically said that he had no idea who I was and had to sit for 20 minutes before figuring it out, had no idea I was engaged and then proceeded to berate me for sending an evite that would probably get caught in everyone’s spam filters. Obviously it didn’t get caught in his because he saw it but still.

Seriously, WHO DOES THAT? Who TELLS the person who’s invited them to a party that they didn’t know who they were? Why is it that he’s the ONLY person who’s had such a problem figuring this out? And why on EARTH would you berate the person who invited you on their method of invitation?

I did realise that he did me a huge favour by doing this. I now have one less person on the wedding guestlist.


One thought on “Random stupidity

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