Transitioning slowly

31 days until I fly out and wow, there’s a lot to get done. How am I tackling this pile of STUFF?

Am I working methodically through my list and being super productive everyday, aware that I have limited days?

Am I eating healthily and working my way through my pantry to make sure I’m using up everything I have?

I can categorically say no to both of those questions. More specifically, I’m not being consistent with either of those points. I have my moments and then I slip into procrastination which leads to stress which leads to eating and not exercising. Which leads to me feeling like crap because my jeans don’t fit right and I feel UGH which leads to sitting on the couch and eating. And now you see the cycle.

Why do I eat when I’m confronted with stress like this? Why do I manage to justify “treats” because I’m stressed? After 2 years on this new lifestyle, why am I regressing to previous unhealthy behaviours when I KNOW what works and what I need to do?

I’m super frustrated with myself right now and I know that being frustrated is not helping. I need to break out of the “I deserve this treat” cycle.

I’m drinking more water and trying to stop with the snacking so we’ll see. Today is a new day and this week is a new week.


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