Why I need a minder

Yesterday I found myself progressively feeling more and more lethargic and achy as the day went on. I felt weak and dizzy and fuzzy in the head. I realised (after almost passing out at the gym) that perhaps I was sick. This was confirmed when I got home and proceeded to get more achy and headcoldy and headachy. I got into bed at 9:30 (after yelling at my computer for my internet being down) and slept and slept. I then called in sick today.

I slept some more and would have should have continued with this activity EXCEPT

I am a BAD BAD BAD sick person.

I seem to look at calling in sick as a way to be productive when seriously, I only call in sick WHEN I’M TOO SICK TO WORK (which shows my screwed up thinking).

I slept and then I got up, made breakfast, sat down because I felt dizzy, got up, showered, sat down, went out to get some clothes altered and do grocery shopping. And now I feel more like ass than I did before. Seriously, am I an idiot?

I did buy a bottle of Vitamin C to placate my mother who is convinced I’m dying of swine flu. Because she called me last night while I was sleeping and I woke up, answered and was completely incoherent. Which means I’m dying apparently. I also think she jinxed me because on Sunday, she called me and grilled me on how my asthma was, how I was, if I was taking Vitamin C. On Sunday I felt fine. On Monday not so fine. Her fault obviously.

For the rest of the day, I promise to lie in bed, watch movies on my laptop and veg out. Will someone swear to be my minder and yell at me if I get out of bed? Also, we someone make me chicken soup please?


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