Taking control one chocolate chip cookie at a time

Today we had a company-wide meeting. Company-wide meetings are known for a number of things:

  1. Taking a LOT of time, which can be good when you’re bored and not so good when you’re busy
  2. Either numbers being tossed around or ‘engagement’ type activities
  3. Supply of coffee and cookies

It’s the last one that usually gets people there and usually trips me up. The cookies are heavenly chocolate chip or chocolate and macadamia cookies. They’re yummy and full of sugary-goodness which, combined with a coffee, can be the difference between surviving a meeting and going stir-crazy. I usually grab two. Cookies, not cofffees – two coffees would mean I’d be bouncing off the walls for days.

But last night, as I looked in the gym mirrors, I realised that no amount of ‘rationalising’ could deny that I have gone soft. I have lost all definition in my waist and I have gained fat. It’s not the jeans. It’s not the angle. I am not bloated and I have not recently eaten. This is all me and it’s not what I like to see or feel.

So from last night, I stopped with the rationalising and the excuses. Just because I am leaving in 2 weeks (well, less now) does not mean I have to slack on the food. Just because I have a ton of farewell drinks and lunches and dinners does not mean I *have* to make bad choices. I can do all this stuff and still be healthy. Still feel good when I get up in the morning.

So today, I had a plan. I got to work and bought some oatmeal from the cafeteria for breakfast and I bought an apple. Ten minutes before the meeting I ate my apple so when I went to the meeting, all I grabbed was a coffee and I walked right past the cookies. I ignored them and I survived the meeting (okay, I left halfway through but that was only because I needed the washroom from the coffee and I couldn’t see the screen because I left my glasses in my office).

Tonight, after I (hopefully) sell my laptop, I’m going to hit the gym. I’m also going to buy some groceries and while I will keep them to a minimum since I’m only in my apartment for another week and a bit, I will be healthy. Because I feel better when I’m healthy.


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