Stuck in a moment

Whinge for the day: I slept SO badly last night. I was tired but restless, which is a feeling I’m getting a lot lately. I got into bed at about 11 and thought I’d pass out but no. No, instead my eyes popped open and all the things I have to do came tumbling through my head and I’M AWAKE! Eventually, I feel asleep, only to wake up again at 3am for about an hour. Tons of fun that.

BUT I’m not letting that get me down because today is a GOOD day. Why, you ask? Well, I’m going to see U2 in concert that’s why!

This is something that came completely out of nowhere. Yesterday, I was quietly working away when an email came through from one of the bookclub girls, saying her colleague had tickets he was selling and was anyone interested. I hesitated for oh a MINUTE before emailing PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME. True, I have a TON to get done – both workwise and packing-wise but honestly people, this is U2! They are awesome performers and entertainers and their music ROCKS (even if it has become a little easy listening). I had to jump at the chance. And really, I don’t want to be stuck in my apartment every night of the week, looking at the pile of STUFF. That’s just wrong.

So tonight I am going to sing my heart out and revel in the fun of a sure to be awesome concert and great last-minute opportunity 🙂


One thought on “Stuck in a moment

  1. OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!!!!

    I am so excited (and envious!) for you!!!!! That is so cool. I would give my right eye to see U2 (but I’d only give it after the concert, not before for obvious reasons).

    Have fun!!

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