Cutting ties

GAP believes I should move on. They think that I’ve been stuck in a rut and I should embrace change and cut ties to what I think suits me and try new things. How do I know this?

They’ve discontinued my favourite line of jeans. You know, the go-to jeans that suit me no matter what size I am. The jeans I go to work in and go out dancing in. The jeans I live in.

They’re gone. Replaced by unflattering “Boyfriend Jeans” or unflattering “Sexy Boot” or “Perfect Boot”. I’m being encourage to try the “Long and Lean” when I am by no means long nor lean. I miss the wide leg of the Essential jeans. The flattering cut, the awesome wash.

Today I’m going to search high and low for any left-overs before I sigh and move on like GAP thinks I should. Why on EARTH would they discontinue my jeans otherwise? Obviously I’m too set in my ways and if I don’t fit into their new jeans, I either need to undergo plastic surgery to do so or, in a cheaper option, search for new jeans. But we all know the pain of jeans shopping. This will be no easy task.

I’m sad that GAP doesn’t approve of my jeans choice and thinks my life is too staid and boring and needs a change. Obviously moving halfway across the world is not enough.


One thought on “Cutting ties

  1. Ooh, I commiserate! I must’ve tried on twenty different pairs of jeans. Finally found a pair of Levi’s I’m happy with and I also bought a pair of Van Heusen’s. I always enjoy those magazine articles where they commiserate with fit problems and suggest a $150 pair of jeans.

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