And so it starts

Yesterday was my last day in the office. I tied up all my loose ends, I briefed the people I could and I cleaned up my office. I went out for lunch and shock horror! I had a glass of wine at lunch. I also spent the entire day tearing up at the thought of saying goodbye to everyone.

I know that there are some people that I will never see or think of again. Not because we didn’t get along but because they were simply work colleagues. There are other people I’ll have in my life for a long time to come – maybe a handful of them. They are amazing people. They are the people who made it so easy to settle in here and they’re part of the reason I’m teary and sad to say goodbye.

I went out for dinner last night with a friend who can’t come out for my last hurrah drinks tonight. We laughed over wine and chowder and pasta. We commiserated about work issues and colleagues and frustrations. We talked about relationships and friendships. We both cried when it came to say goodbye. But this is not goodbye for good. We WILL keep in touch – she’s coming to the wedding next year and I’m sure there’ll be a wedding on her end shortly after that which I will fly back here for in a heartbeat. But it’s still tough to realise that this was “see ya” for a while.

Right now I’m sitting in bed, contemplating showering and then packing and cleaning. My apartment is very empty – all I have is a couch, a tv, my mattress and a bedside table – none of which I’m taking with me. If my super will help me on Sunday, I’ll take all this down to the curb and leave it. Some enterprising souls will enjoy them. My cable and internet have been shut off (I’m stealing someone else’s internet right now … ssshhhhhhh)

But it’s quite depressing in an empty apartment. I don’t recommend it.


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