A whole new (old) world part 1

Apologies for the radio silence – my last few weeks in Toronto were slightly crazy busy and while I had great intentions about posting during lay-overs, I ended up using my internet time (which was super expensive … airports, you suck) to talk to the Boy instead. I’m sure you understand that.

So, an update to my “About me” is probably in order since I no longer live in Canada. I had a whirlwind last week – a surprise farewell tea at work, another farewell lunch with work people the next day and then an awesome farewell drinks on the Friday night. I was really surprised by how many people turned up and stayed the whole night – I knew that I had gotten along with a lot of people but you know how it is, you never want to assume that everyone else feels the same. It was awesome (and a little teary).

I made it through the rest of the week – packing up my apartment, moving out to the hotel nearby, running around and doing last minute errands and realising that my bags were indeed way too heavy. I decided at the last minute to send an extra extra box back to New Zealand and thank goodness I did – when I got to the airport my 2 bags hit the combined weight allowance of 100 lbs on the dot. Well, actually one bag was 45 lbs and the other was 55 lbs and they ridiculously made me move 5 lbs of stuff from one to the other. When the woman behind the desk told me that if I didn’t shift 5lbs over, I would be charged for overweight luggage, I thought she was joking. But I did it since really, you don’t argue with people at the airport.

Which is again why I didn’t protest either when the security people decided that I was OBVIOUSLY dangerous and needed to have my hand luggage searched and checked for explosives and be patted down. I must be a TERRIBLE danger because, save one or two trips over the past 2 year, I get checked every time. The full body pat down was new but everything is beginning to be standard procedure. I had no idea that I was obviously DANGEROUS to the world. Wait, not to the world, only to the US. I don’t get stopped much elsewhere. Americans, you are so lucky Canada protected you from me and my terribly packed hand luggage.

The flights were okay – long and not filled with a great deal of sleep. 5 hours from Toronto to LA. 12 hours (plus one on the tarmac because someone had a panic attack and had to be assessed by paramedics before we could fly) to Auckland. 4 hours from Auckland to Melbourne. So that’s 21 hours of flying with about 8 hours in lay-overs. 29 hours in total door-to-door. So yes, I am a little jet-lagged and tired.

So here I am, in Melbourne, sleeping in my old bed, in my old room at my parents’ house. Using my old phone number, having brunch with old friends at the old cafe. Falling into old patterns and feeling quite surreal. Luckily I’m only here until Friday and then I’m off to Auckland for 5 days to dump some stuff with the Boy, meet his family and friends and then fly back here for the Melbourne engagement party. Fun times.

I’m off to get some breakfast and then try go for a walk/jog when it warms up. Part 2 will follow shortly!


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