All grown up

I arrived in Auckland on Friday night. I flew in and was met at the airport by my Boy. His mom wanted to meet me at the airport as well but I’m really glad that she didn’t, just so I could have a little bit of time to adjust and see my Boy quietly. He drove me through our lovely neighbourhood to our apartment.

Which is as small as I thought it was. And it’s very clear that a boy has been living here – it really needs a woman’s touch. And to see myself type that shocks me – I never thought that I would think a place needed a woman’s touch. It sounds so sexist but it’s true! Only a woman notices that the ridiculously small amount of storage space is being used badly. Or that there is a ridiculously small amount of storage space to start with – seriously, there’s a bit of space in the kitchen and one closet in the whole apartment! I have no idea where all my stuff is going to go and I really haven’t brought all that much with me. But the Boy is a packrat so I’ll have to work on the decluttering and organising. Luckily, there are stores for storage and once I get my bearings, I’ll get to work.

We had a busy weekend – met the in-laws on Saturday for brunch and I survived the grand meeting. They’re all very warm and inviting, so it made things a ton easier. It also helps that I went to summer camp with the Boy’s step-sister 15 years ago – it felt very odd to “re-meet” her. She has some vivid memories of conversations we had in the locker room – my memory obviously isn’t as good!

Yesterday was such a lovely day – bright blue skies, lovely sunshine. We went for a 10km or so walk around the neighbourhood and I realised two things – how lovely the area is and how hilly it is. My fledgling running will be a definite effort with the number of steep hills around here. Here’s to building those muscles!

Onward and upward. Oh, and back to Melbourne on Wednesday for 5 days for the engagement party. Life is hard 😛


2 thoughts on “All grown up

  1. I am happy you arrived safely!

    I don’t think it is true that ALL men need that women’s touch, but it IS a stereotype for a reason. I am lucky that Steven is very organized, but so many women have told me that their husbands aren’t.

    • It’s funny because he is super organised but he travels a lot so he’s come to view the apartment as a place to eat and sleep. At least he’s happy with me putting my stamp on it and I am looking forward to making it more our home than simply a place to rest our heads.

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