Survival of the fittest

Engagement party #1 is done and dusted. The Boy and I flew into Melbourne last week – him with the fun of meeting the rest of the family and friends and me with the cold from hell – and we faced the music. Or rather, I faced up to the fact that I had a cold, not allergies, not a bit of dust in my eye, not a dry throat. A Cold From Hell. A Cold that would see me with the strength of a 90 year old (and not Jack LaLane) and the voice of a prepubescent frog with a smoking problem.

This is a very attractive way to greet people at your own engagement party. Although by Sunday I felt a lot better but sounded like death so my greeting went by “no, I feel a lot better, I only sound like I’m dying!” – which made mothers around the world want to tell me to put on a sweater and get into bed with a cup of tea. Or soup. Depends on the mother really. Mine was convinced it was Swime Flu despite the fact that I’ve been vaccinated against it over 2 weeks ago. Then she was convinced it was My Asthma and a Chest Infection and I should go onto medication. Which I eventually did, after coughing up some lovely green stuff (sorry, was that too much information?) but I refused to let her say I Told You So. So she fell back on the old staple of Why Don’t You Trust Your Mother?

But the engagement party itself went off without a hitch. Despite my mother’s concerns, the room was neither too full nor too empty – in fact, we had people remark that it was nice to be able to move around easily. The food was apparently delicious – I barely got to eat anything as I was chatting away to all the lovely guests. Everyone seemed to mingle well and half an hour after we were supposed to be done, there were still people chatting away – we ended up taking the party back to my parents’ place to avoid extra charges!

Opening all the gifts was fun – we got some lovely things. 3 metal water jugs – all the same style but different sizes – and 3 different sandwich presses among other things. It got funnier and funnier as we were opening everything. Obviously we’ll have a registry for the wedding but it’s not really done for engagement parties here and when my brother got engaged, they had nothing doubling up at all. So I figure we now have a sandwich press and jug for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We left quite a bit at my folks’ place as we couldn’t take everything on the plane, but I did take one jug (the handle broke off in the bag sadly) and one sandwich press. Since we’re on the road for the Boy’s work for the next while, things are still in boxes but I’m looking forward to using everything.

We get back into Auckland on Friday night and I have a meetup group meeting on Saturday morning – a writing group. I need to make an effort to meet people and this is step 1. The only thing is that I’m absolutely shattered this week with cold recovery, travelling and work stuff and we really need to go out and buy a few things (like a dresser for my clothes …) so we’ll see how keen I end up being this weekend for meeting people. Push me people!


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