Life on the road

I take it back. All those times I professed to wanting a job that included travel. I take it all back.

I’m on the road with the Boy while he trains staff and works around NZ and I’m setting up shop in hotel rooms, airport lounges and coffee shops. I finally have a mobile internet stick so I can actually do all that (got a good-ish deal through one of the 2 phone companies in the country – balanced price with reliability so paid a little more) but the lack of routine and “home” is getting to me.

Life on the road is tough on eating and exercising. Yes, technically the hotels do have gyms but silly me didn’t pack workout clothes. Tuesday I spent the day working in the morning and then walking around Queenstown, which is absolutely lovely and very hilly. Not exactly a heart-racing day but definitely calories out. There was this hill by our hotel and the only way to the town was downhill, which was fine. Fine until I decided to get back to the hotel that is. It was a great little workout. I did it about 3 or 4 times in the day.

Later in the afternoon, the Boy had finished work and we went for a nice long walk along the water armed with our cameras. It was truly lovely. I’ll upload some photos later today so you can all drool. Again, there were hills involved and my calves got a real workout.

Today the weather is crap, although clearing up a bit. It’s cold and this morning was dreary, windy and rainy. This is hardly exercising weather in my book. But I have to exercise. So I copied the Boy and did some crunches this morning. Later I threw in some jumping jacks and I’m planning on changing into some track pants and doing a few sets of lunges and squats as well. Next time we travel (in a week or so) I’m packing my exercise band for some other exercises.

I’m also trying to eat a little better. We were feeling very bloated and tired the other day and eventually we realised that we’d been carbo-loading without thinking! Every meal seemed to involve bread (sandwiches are the easiest things to eat on the road) so the other night we got Thai takeout and I had a lovely Thai Chilli Beef Salad (which I’m intending to copy and make many many times at home since it was lovely). I’m trying to get us back on track and realising that we should NOT be feeling stuffed at the end of a meal. We should be feeling pleasantly satiated.

My body is so out of whack with when to be eating and feeling hungry. It’s almost as though flying to the Southern Hemisphere made my body forget all my Northern Hemisphere habits and revert to the Old Gemfit. The Old Gemfit was lazy and out of shape. The Old Gemfit believed that she could justify anything and she deserved treats because she was unhappy in other facets of her life. The New Gemfit knows that all this is bull and she doesn’t need that extra piece of fudge that will inevitably taste yummy but make her feel crap later. I need to channel this New Gemfit so that the Old Gemfit doesn’t take over again.

Oh, and I didn’t end up going to the meetup group and I’m kinda glad. The emails that have flowed between group members since then shows that they probably weren’t my type of people (the organiser has quit, another member called anyone who doesn’t write for the express purpose of being published “stupid”). This weekend is the the NZ Engagement party so I’m taking a deep breath and hoping I get through it.

Oh, and I have a whole long post about the move and other stuff brewing. Stay tuned!


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