On the road again (still?)

I’m the middle of our latest batch of work travel at the moment – Monday we were in Christchurch, until Thursday evening we’re in Dunedin and then we fly back to Christchurch before heading back to Auckland for the weekend. Monday we’re off again. While the Boy goes off and does his work thing, I grab my laptop and mobile internet stick and do my own work thing – either in the hotel or in a lovely coffee shop that has a power outlet (surprisingly, power outlets are rare!) or I go off and enjoy the (sometimes) sunshine. While I’d actually prefer to be at home getting into routine, life ‘aint too bad.

But eating and exercising? They suffer. We’re on the road and staying in hotels without cooking facilities which makes meals a challenge. Yesterday lunch the Boy and I shared a burger and some sweet potato fries and I walked to the supermarket in the afternoon to grab some dinner (which we didn’t end up eating), breakfast and snacks. I tried to stay healthy – shredded chicken and salad for dinner, crackers and hummus (the Boy is a hummus addict) and mango strips for snacks, skim milk and mini cereals and yoghurt for breakfasts, since we’re in town for a few days. Of course, I was met with “where’s the meat?” from the Boy when I got back to the hotel, just proving that you can’t please everyone. He’s got an idea that we need a lot of iron and it’s only found in red meat. Fair enough that he’s a carnivore, but staying in hotels means meat tends to be processed cold cuts and I’m not a fan of those too often. The other option is eating out but that’s got other challenges.

Exercise is another problem – I’m trying to get activity in by walking places but there are too many excuses there – it’s cold outside, I don’t have the right clothes, I don’t know my way around etc. I could find a gym since our hotel doesn’t have one, but even when the hotels do have gyms, or “fitness rooms”, they tend to be depressing little rooms with a couple crappy pieces of cardio equipment and maybe a couple of weights. Nothing that really inspires me. I know, I sound pathetic and really need to get off my ever-expanding ass and get active. The other issue I have is that there are a few days where we check out of the hotel in the morning but only fly out in the evening so while I can take up residence in a coffee shop to work, I can’t get exercise in much, since I’m dragging my laptop etc with me.

I’m trying to get some in-room exercise going and I hope by writing this here, I’ll actually do it. Today will be 20 minutes of lunges, squats and crunches. Tomorrow, since we’re checking out of the hotel in the morning and not flying out until the evening, I’ll be at the mercy of whatever coffee shop I’ll be in, so very little exercise chances there and the same on Friday. The weekend will be the next big exercise opportunity, so maybe a walk or two? We’ll see. I know these are only challenges but as I see my body changing I’m not impressed with what I see or how I feel. I have to take ownership and make changes.


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