A change of mindset

Today is a good day. Not workwise – I’m really not being productive, mainly because I’m trying to set up shop in a busy mall on a holiday long weekend, which means I’m surrounded by families with kids who seem to have never been let out in public, so excited and squealing they are. There are also the requisite annoying teenagers congregating and badly dressed women who distract me with the whole “omg do you have no friends or family who love you to tell you that outfit does not look remotely decent?”. Yes, I am a judgemental biatch sometimes (but only in my head because I know what’s good for me).

But food and exercise and mindset-wise, today is shaping up to be a good one. I started the day with cornflakes for breakfast, followed by a mini-workout of 50 jumping jacks, some squats, side and back leg raises, bridges, calf raises, a couple of planks and 2 sets of crunches. It was only short but it actually made me feel pretty good to start the day like that. We had to check out this morning so I got some work done and then packed and we were met by the Boy’s work colleague, who had a full day planned working at 2 stores at the mall, hence me sitting at Borders “working”. No other cardio or workouts possible really, but I’m glad I’m getting into a habit of doing something everyday.

Eating-wise, it hasn’t been too bad either. So, the cornflakes for brekkie (with a cup of green tea), followed by half a egg and salmon bagel as a morning tea snack (with a cup of green tea). I had another 2 cups of tea while I worked until about 1:30pm. Lunch was 6 small pieces of sushi and 500ml of water. Afternoon tea was 2 cups of green tea. I can explain all this tea. You see, working in coffee shops means I have to buy something to sit there. In the mall, I’m sure I could have gotten away with just sitting in Borders for a while but not for too long – it’s been pretty busy everywhere today so I’m sure a non-customer would be booted pretty quickly. Green tea is a healthy choice and can be drunk quite slowly which makes me feel okay for sitting there so long. What, would you prefer I get a vanilla latte every time?

We’re at the airport now, sitting in the Air New Zealand lounge waiting for our flight home. We’ve got about 90 minutes until we board – the Boy likes to get here early and with the free internet and food, I’m not complaining. It’s a lot quieter and nicer to work here than a mall, that’s for sure. My hurdle here? The buffet. Please let me be strong!


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