The downside to technology

Apparently I ask too many questions. That’s what HE says. Me, I say that he should never have encouraged me to download the mPass application onto my phone. That way, I would never have seen the list of all our upcoming flights on Air New Zealand and I would never have noticed that we strangely had two flights booked in December when I was sure we were doing absolutely no travel in December. And therefore I wouldn’t have started asking questions.

So by him encouraging me to download that app which led to me asking questions, I ruined his surprise of planning a weekend away in December. Whoops. πŸ˜›

But really, how can this be my fault? I thought so too. He should really blame himself here πŸ˜›

So I think I’ll still act surprised – well, I will be surprised at some of the plans since I don’t know where we’re staying or what else he has planned. I didn’t ruin it all you see!

Anyway, another Monday, another city. This week we’re in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. It’s really a lovely little city from what I’ve seen. We got up this morning at 4am to get to the airport at 5am (note: the airport opens at 5am. Airport security opens at 5:30am) and were on a plane at 6am. That is officially a crazy hour of the day to be awake and functioning. I am not a morning person. In fact, today I’m not a Monday person.

It’s that LOVELY time of the month and I’m officially grumpy, irritated and annoyed. I’ve been sitting in this small hotel room all afternoon working and the silence is deafening. I tried putting on music but it annoyed me. I’m supposed to have a conference call in 45 minutes but my internet connection is not behaving itself (probably due to all the high-rises around) so the call will probably be more a skype text chat until I can get other internet sorted out tonight. The work I’m supposed to discuss was done really badly and I’m sorry, but they caught me now and I was in no mood to be nice about. They may be quaking in their boots after reading my email! I’m also trying to get one of the companies I’m working for nailed down on money and payment schedule and even though I know they’re good for it, I’m still on edge because I don’t really want to get into the hole with doing a bunch of work for them and then discovering that they weren’t onboard with my quote and whatnot. This is one part of freelancing I don’t like.

Food has been good today, with the exception of the handful of jelly sweets I ate earlier in a fit of “I’m bored and annoyed”. They helped for a bit until I read the calorie content for some unknown reason. Now I’m alternatively craving and avoiding the packet sitting quietly behind my computer screen, taunting me. Same with the weird dark chocolate covered strawberries. An odd texture and taste and yet strangely alluring and when one is bored and annoyed, strangely tempting. I’d leave the hotel room except my call is now supposedly in 30 minutes so I shouldn’t go far.

Dinner is going to be some cold chicken cut up into a salad. And maybe a couple of dark chocolate covered strawberries.

Seriously, this hotel room is now so stupidly quiet. I guess this is what happens when the clock hits 5pm.

Okay, plan of action is to change into some track pants and get a mini workout in – some squats, some lunges, some leg raises, some crunches. I downloaded a 10 minute abs workout the other day so I’ll watch that on the ol’ laptop and get some pain going. But only after my call I think.

I will try keep the PMSing to a minimum. Hope everyone else is having a good start to the week!


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