Eye-opening thanks to technology

As part of my quest to be healthy again, I’ve decided to start using every single one of my resources. I joined a gym (tick!), looked up swing dancing classes (they’re on Wednesdays TICK!) and looked at the millions of apps my Boy has downloaded from the App Store (okay, not millions. Maybe 500? Yes, he’s an addict) to find something useful. And find something I did.

First there’s Runkeeper, which uses GPS to track how far I’m running walking. I’ve only got the free version but it’s good for me now. I do also have a Couch to 5K app which I did use for a bit in Melbourne and then got off track. Must use that again. It’s great. You can play your own music behind it and it gives you audio cues when to walk and when to run with a loud beep in between, so you definitely can’t miss it over your music. No more thinking about when to do what and for how long. You just go and listen to the lovely voice telling you exactly what to do. Brilliant!

On the food front, the Boy has a number of apps and the one I’ve chosen to use is Lose it! which functions as a food log and weight-loss goal tracker. It’s super easy to use, although I do think that it’s a little on the conservative side with my projected weightloss – I have 10 lbs to lose and it’s telling me that it’ll take me 6 months. I’m really hoping I can drop 10lbs before then. But on the other hand, I’d prefer something conservative than something promising me 10lbs lost in a week! I only started using it yesterday and there were a few foods not in their database that I had to add but that’s par for the course. One bit of feedback I may give them is to have the option to download international food databases, as I think the only one in their is American and there are tons of brands and foods available elsewhere. But that’s minor.

In one day of tracking, what I’ve found eye-opening is the level of my sodium consumption! I thought I had a fairly average or low consumption when it came to salt and sodium levels but apparently not! The daily recommended value for sodium intake is approximately 2300mg, which sounds really high but when you think about how much sodium can be in everyday food items, even those that aren’t particularly salty, it’s actually fairly low. My consumption yesterday? 3200mg. 900mg higher than the daily recommended value. That’s not something I like. Entering all the nutrients from food labels and adding all the items to my tracker was definitely an experience.

I also learnt that even though I think I don’t eat too many carbs, my carb intake was through the roof – 66% of my calories came from carbs yesterday. True, I had a piece of wholegrain toast as part of my breakfast but a lot of the other carbs were simple carbs sadly and that needs to change. While I’m technically staying within my calorie range, the makeup of those calories could definitely be better. More protein, fewer simple carbs (no, I’m not a low-carb fanatic) and definitely less sodium.

Today is a new day. How are you going?


5 thoughts on “Eye-opening thanks to technology

  1. I like Lose it, very easy to use. I’d like to look for the C25K app, thanks for the heads up. I think you can probably drop ten before six months elapse! Isn’t there an option for one pound a week or something similar?

    • There are tons of C25K apps on there – I use one by Lucius Kwok and Kasten Searles and it has a brown icon with “5k” on it. But I’m sure any of them will do the same thing. I tend to get distracted and forget how long I’ve been going for so this is brilliant for intervals.

      Yes, there is an option for 1lb/week but the calorie limit for that is a little tight. We’ll see how I go!

    • Exactly – it takes all of 2 minutes to update so I have no excuses. It’s just about getting into the habit now but it’s definitely teaching me a lot about what I eat everyday.

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