New beginnings again

Today, December 1, I moved into my new office. Since moving here and starting working freelance, I’ve learnt a few things about myself, or rather, confirmed a few things!

  1. I need some structure and routine in my day. I need to go to an office and get into a “work” state of mind. Sitting on the floor at home in my pajamas, while the laundry is being done doesn’t work for me. I never feel like I’m really AT work when I’m doing that.
  2. I need social interaction in my day. At the moment, I can go the whole day without talking to anyone (unless I go shopping, and then that’s perfunctory interaction and I don’t really count it). When the Boy comes home from work, I’m starved for conversation but he’s all talked out from his day, so I need people around me.

So, while the income might still be patchy at the moment, I bit the bullet and rented a serviced office up the road from home. Literally, it’s 4 buildings away from our apartment block. I moved in today and it’s weird but good. Weird in that it’s an empty office – a desk, a filing cabinet, a desk chair and a visitor’s chair. Oh, and a print on the wall. So it’s empty. But there’s a buzz of people working around me, so while I’m still working alone, I have an office environment and somewhere to go.

I need to make this office mine. I need some decorations, some things on the wall, some things of mine, you know? At the moment, I have my laptop on the desk (I left my power cord at home boo!), my tea in a drawer and my mug in the corner. That’s it. I’ll bring over the printer later or tomorrow and I’ll bring over some snacks and stuff this afternoon, when I leave for lunch, since I forgot to bring my lunch in with me. Also, I left some washing going at home, so I should nip back and check on it in a bit.

So my plan to spruce the place up is to get a big plant for the corner – something I can’t kill!, drag in the bookshelf we currently have sitting on the deck, unused, get a calendar for the wall and a few office supplies things. I need to make this more me!


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